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1) Are the products safe for everyone?

Our products are suitable for full term babies, adults, and elderly. It is not suitable to be used on premature babies until they are at least one year old. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before using these products. Although the products are 100% Natural, it does not mean it is allergen free. Please conduct a patch test on non-problematic skin area before applying onto larger area. Discontinue and apply a layer of carrier oil if there is any form of skin irritation or discomfort at any point of time during usage.

2) When is the expiry date?

For new products, guideline of usage is within a year from production but because it does not contain any preservatives, it may expire earlier than that so please use it within a few months and as soon as possible for best result. For used products, please discard within 6 months for hygiene purpose. Products that have oil infusion will have a shorter life span.

3) Proper storage of product

Store product in cool, dry environment, away from heat and sunlight.

4) What essential oil brand are we using?

We are unable to reveal the branding of the essential oil company due to strict policy, but you can be well assured that the oils used are 100% Therapeutic Grade and Pure. The Essential oil we used is very well known and highly recommended and used widely around the world. It is organic, pure and free from any synthetic additives.

5) Balms or Blends?

Both have similar effectiveness. Balms are more moisturising, takes longer to absorb and their effect last longer. Blends get absorbed and take effect faster.

6) Can i apply more than one balm/blend together?

It depends on the products. Please check with us on the products that you are concern with. Let’s be Stronger and Chest Rub – Highly Recommended to apply together one layer after another Ease my Tummy and Dreamers – Yes, you can apply both together

7) Anything to take note?

- Please seek proper medication if condition worsen or did not improve. - Sunshine Baby Organic Balms/Blends are not medication and can only act as a support. They are not meant to replace any form of medical treatments or drugs. - Stay away from eyes - Not for internal consumption

8) My balm had turned Grainy. Is this normal?

It is normal and not to worry! If the smell does not turn bad, it is still good to use and will be still as effective. Grainy balms are due to the fluctuation in the temperature. Some may experience it if they had kept it for a period even if it is brand new. Grainy balms are not considered a quality flaw and not refundable/returnable in this situation. Sunshine Baby Organic Balms are all-natural and thus, it is best to use as soon as possible.

9) Lead time

Promotional Items – Strictly No Urgent Orders for Promotional items, parcel will be posted within 4 working weeks Non-promotional items – Parcel will be posted within 5 working days Courier will usually take an estimation of 3 working days to deliver after collecting from collection point and we will not be responsible for any delayed mails due to no fault of ours and purely delay due to Ninja van courier after posting to Ninja van collection point. Sunshine Baby Organic will not be liable for any lost mail after status is stated as completed in Ninjavan app. Please check your riser or with your neighbours if they had taken it. Alternatively, please contact us for your Ninjavan tracking number and you can contact Ninjavan for them to investigate. * Do expect longer lead time if there is a surge in orders. (For both promotional and non-promotional items) * All orders will only be processed on the next working day (Monday-Friday,excluding PH) * Any promo code used are considered promotional items.

10) Mode & Price of Delivery

Courier – Ninja Van Seller's own fleet Delivery fee is $4.50 Minimum spending for free shipping is not fixed. We do not have any self-collection or any other mode of shipping.

11) What to do if the product breaks when it reaches me

As much as we try our best to pack, breakages do happen from time to time. - Please take a clear picture showing the broken glass, batch number and product name/size. - Email together with your name, contact number, address and the size/product that was broken This must be done within 3 working days upon receiving the parcel. Deal will be considered closed after 3 working days and any broken/missing/wrong items shall not be entertained.

12) What to do if you have received the wrong order

Upon receiving items, please check and account for any breakage/missing/wrong items. Any issue/discrepancy should be informed to Sunshine Baby Organic via WhatsApp 88395526 or email to within 3 working days, excluding Sunday and Public Holiday. Deal will be considered closed after 3 working days and any broken/missing/wrong items shall not be entertained.

13) Are the products returnable or refundable

Sunshine Baby Organic Essential Oil Balms are homemade, and hand brewed with love. Thus, every single piece is not equal and perfect. A thorough quality check had been done before they had been packed and posted. However, if you are not pleased with the quality of the product, you can email to and we will try our best to assist. The products are not refundable or returnable to maintain upmost hygiene.

14) Can you hold my order when I have not paid?

Orders will be fulfilled only after payment is made on the same day and in accordance to whoever made payment first. In any case there is a lack of ingredients to brew the balm/blend, we will make the refund accordingly.

15) Can I change/amend my orders ?

To avoid any confusion or human mistakes and for us to have a proper documentation, orders cannot be changed. If you wish to get another product, please do so in the next order. Please check through your order thoroughly before submitting your order.

16) Can I cancel my order if I decided not to purchase anymore after making payment?

Payment received will not be refunded. Orders cannot be cancelled after payment is completed and will be considered as processed orders. Please read our FAQ, product description etc thoroughly before ordering and making your payment.

17) Why does my balm smell different?

Due to the nature of the products and the ingredients used, the colour and fragrance may be different from batch to batch. This is very normal and not within our control as they are all from natural source. The effectiveness will still be the same.